3 Popular impact window styles for your Florida home

3 Popular impact window styles for your Florida home

 Have you heard that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul? Well, windows are the best representation of your home! Even without entering your home, windows are one of the most eye-catching elements of the house.

Impact windows not only protect your home from the unexpected and severe South Florida weather but also modernizes your home and increases its value in the future market. When you decide to invest in placing impact windows, it is essential to keep in mind the different styles of windows that you can choose from. Make sure it matches your home’s style and your taste.

Here are 3 popular impact window styles for your Florida home


1. Single-hung windows

These would be your everyday windows that are usually found in peoples’ rooms. The bottom glass of the panel slides up and down to open and close. This classic is ideal for a homeowner looking for a cost-effective option to place in almost all the house rooms. 


2. Fixed windows

Fixed windows are fairly simple and usually placed in parts of the home just for purely decorative purposes or for natural light. If your home has a beautiful view of a lake or beach, this would be a great option. Fixed windows or ‘picture windows’ can be placed in the form of floor-to-ceiling glass to wide panes over the bathtub or in the living room as decoration! It is another cost-effective option and a true energy saver. Since the windows are fixed, there are no cracks or openings to allow the air through. 


3. Casement windows

Casement windows are a little bit different; they actually open inward instead of sliding vertically. It can also open outward. This style offers more natural light to come in clearly because of the clear line of sight. It also provides a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic to the room.


This style is considered the most energy-efficient of all the windows that are meant to open. The windows mechanism works so that the air from outside blows against it; it actually strengthens the seal further. The luxurious benefits and appeal do come with a higher cost, making it one of the most expensive styles of impact windows, yet very popular in Florida homes. 


If you are curious about the other different styles of impact windows and their benefits, make sure to check our page, we can find the best fit for your home and guide you! If you are ready to spice things up by remodeling your house, keep an open mind to the different windows you can place, the right choice can genuinely impact your home.


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