Best Materials for your Roof? 20+ Years of Experience Answers

Best Materials for your Roof? 20+ Years of Experience Answers

Florida is at the top of the list when naming states that are most hurricane-prone in the country, experiencing twice as many recorded hurricanes in history and having about 40% of hurricanes that develop on the East coast hit it. The sunshine state sees a rainfall range annually from 40-60 inches. This is why the materials that make up the roof of your home are vital to the quality of protection it will give those under it.

A common question for South Florida homeowners is what materials make up the safest and strongest roof for their home. After 20 years in the civil engineering field and about 10,000 roofing jobs completed, we have the experience to advise it.


South Florida Climate

We live where you vacation? That is entirely true but it gets a little more complex when it comes to roofing where people vacation. Because of the number of years we’ve worked in this area we became heavily familiarized with the climate and its complications. Our South Florida climate is considered very tropical, hence the number of tropical storms we face, but this means the seasons are hot, humid, and dry. In summer, temperatures are usually in the 80 degrees, bringing thunderstorms and rain that lower those temperatures for a bit.

Our winter consists of temperatures in the average of the 60 degrees being the driest months of the year. Another intriguing and roofing-related detail about Florida is its notorious status for lighting strikes and fatal thunderstorms, averaging 1.2 million clouds to ground lightning flashes and that’s not even getting into the fatalities that result from them. With these aspects in mind, let’s explore what the best materials for your roof are:


EKO Roof for Florida home and business

When a business or homeowners discuss roofing materials, one of their top concerns is how aesthetically pleasing it will look. For those that have the appearance of their roof as top of their worries, we have the perfect match, combining quality, aesthetics, and Florida weatherproof. EKOroofs provide high-quality and purpose-engineered Spanish tiles. The variety that this material brings ranges from classic clay, dark bronze to terracotta, enhancing and upgrading the value of your home. This product is also environmentally friendly, 3,000 square ft keeping the equivalent of 420,000 grocery bags from our bodies of water and landfills.

Most importantly, Ekoroof, Miami- Dade county approved, is created to withstand winds of up to 220mph, hailstorms, and debris. This trustable material exceeds class 4 impacts when experienced roofers install them.


Metal roofs best for Florida Coastal Homes

Metal roofing has a high demand here and is usually Florida’s homeowners’ top favorite. Metal roofing is known for its high resistance, impermeability, and longevity. Its components of zinc, copper, and steel alloys are commonly used. Coastal residents know the damage tropical storms and hurricanes can bring to the structure to protect these beautiful homes can withstand winds up to 140 mph, supporting coastal homes better than any. Metal roofs are also non-porous, resisting leaks, rot, and moisture damage (HUGE in any South Florida roof.)


Flat Roofs and their benefits

Flat roofs are mostly demanded for their aesthetic appeal, convenience, and accessibility for specific structures. Flat roofs are the contrasts of any other sloped roofs with an approximate 10-degree pitch. When making additions to a home or remodeling unblended roof pitches, flat roofs are much more appealing. As well as, when building for commercial business owners, flat roofs are more convenient to install HVAC units. Flat roofs are also one of the easiest to maintain because of the gravel and tar structures; most of its material can resist basic damages for over 30 years. Equally important, it is known to be one of the most affordable roof installations since there is no need for shingles or any other decorative materials, and repairs are not likely to be needed if the costs remain low.


The Materials Your Roof Needs

Roofing materials are always a complex conversation because, at the end of the day, a roof is what protects your home from adverse weather conditions and debris. However, when it comes to Florida homes, you need a whole specialization to make sure of its safety and endurance. After 20+ years working in the southern Florida area, we know how the climate works and what each roof needs to battle it for years. When a new client arrives, we can match all of their demands from eco-friendly, aesthetic appeal to the materials the roof needs to withstand the tropical storms and overall climate. For the best choice of roofing for a sunshine state home, make sure to always keep  ACP Home Armour in mind, we’ll guide you in any situation.

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