Impact Windows: Why your South Florida Home and Business Needs Them

Impact Windows: Why your South Florida Home and Business Needs Them

Impact technology has truly come a long way, bringing innovative protection to our homes and businesses. Impact windows and doors have a variety of benefits and reasons behind their high demand rates of installments. Mainly, in our beautiful South Florida, which not only houses tourist famous spots but is part of the ‘wind-borne debris’  region. What does this mean?


Why do you need Impact Windows in South Florida?


All buildings built in Florida are required to follow Florida’s Building Codes and one of their primary aspects is to follow the rules of the region. As previously mentioned, our region falls in the ‘wind-borne debris’ area. Meaning,  any area located within a mile of the coastal mean high water line and that faces the basic winds MPH speed of 110 must protect their windows and doors from hurricane climate. Impact protection is also required in any area that experiences winds of 120 MPH or higher.

Impact Windows provide the ideal protection for all South Florida commercial and residential properties because it stays in compliance with the Florida Building Code’s newest regulations. Our impact windows withstand winds and debris of up to 200 MPH; protecting homes and commercial buildings against the worst category 5 hurricane and whatever it brings.  The products we handle are made of commercial grade, impact resistant laminated glass and fine hardware all produced to conform with industries rigorous standards.



Additional  Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors

Apart from the fact that it a requirement to have strong protection  and you will no longer have to worry about extreme weather conditions, our impact windows/doors have a variety of benefits:

We offer a full range of high performance, well built and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors that are ready to modernize your property. Our shatter proof windows and doors add beauty to the home that if you choose to sell will be a much quicker process as it is much easier to sell a home with impact windows and beautiful impact glass door, along with its limited lifetime warranty.


The warranty guarantees that the new owner doesn’t have to worry about fixing/replacing windows and impact glass doors in the future.

Impact windows and impact glass doors provide excellent insulating capabilities, helping isolate interior spaces from the outdoor weather changes and contributing to lowering your monthly utilities. This is a big plus for Florida’s hot summers.

ACP Home Armour provides the protection your home and business need, exceeding the expectations of South Florida’s strict codes and bringing innovative quality products that will only increase the value of your home. Modernize and protect your investment with impact windows and doors.


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