Is your roof solar friendly?

Is your roof solar friendly?

As homeowners, we are always wondering how to increase the value of our home and, better yet, how to save extra money on some bills. If this is your case, too, it’s time to look up on your home and ask, if your roof is solar-friendly? There is a reason why solar panels have been around for some long and have had such a big comeback in the past years. Solar panels are the one investment that will not only increase the value of your home but drastically reduce your energy bills, helping you reduce costs in the long run.


Here is why you should be asking yourself if your roof is solar-friendly:


1- Save money

As a homeowner, you probably already heard that every Floridian will be paying extra for the light bills very soon. After regulators sign off on the FPL rate increase, your energy bill will see a drastic change and not for good; making it the best time to increase in solar energy for your residential. Solar panels give you an independent source of energy, making you forget about the high energy bills you pay monthly and even see extra money entering your pocket


2- Increase home value

Just like when you renovate your kitchen or replace your old windows for impact-resistant ones, investing in solar panels increases the value of your home. Homebuyers pay a premium for homes that have updated to solar power, it has been shown in studies that on average solar panels can increase the value by $15K. Solar homes are also likely to be sold faster if they have solar panels installed.


3- Environmentally friendly

Whether or not you are trying to do your part for the world, the environmental benefits of solar energy are undoubted. Most of the energy you consume most likely comes from fossil fuels or nuclear power, but solar power is completely clean energy and creates no greenhouse gasses. The National Renewable energy Laboratory shows that each house that switches to solar energy can stop 7.7 tons of toxic greenhouse gasses from being released into our atmosphere. By switching to solar power you can be part of the change.


There are more than enough reasons to switch to solar panels, but most importantly, this is the right time to do it as a homeowner. Your FPL bills are about to take a turn for the worst, the buyer’s market is at a peak and our earth is in desperate need of homeowners to make the switch. Are you ready to go solar? We’ve installed over 85 MegaWatts around South Florida.

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