8 Signs it is Time to Maintain (or Replace) your Tile Roof

8 Signs it is Time to Maintain (or Replace) your Tile Roof
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Do you have a tile roof on your house? Your maintenance or replacement might be due.

There are some clear yet silent signs that it is time for maintenance (or replacement) of your tile roof. Keep reading to understand the 8 things you should keep an eye out for.

8 signs you should get a roofing contractor in Florida

To repair your roof:

  1. Leaks: a leak of any type is a warning sign to get a roofing contractor immediately.

If this is not repaired right away, it may lead to water damage that can be quite expensive and time consuming for you to fix later. When talking to a roofer about repairing or replacing your tile roof, mention the roof leak as a priority.

  1. Heavy roof or tree damage: this type of damage can create problems in the short-run for your home and endanger your family


  1.  Deterioration: can be an indication that it is time for repairs or replacement. This includes cracks on surfaces (beams or roofing tiles) and heavy mold growth.


  1. Poor insulation: You should get roof insulation from roofing contractors in Florida to make sure your roof isn’t losing cool air during the summer months. Poor insulation can also cause damages down the line. 
  2. Bowing: If your roof is ‘bowing’ in the middle, this is a sign of water infiltration and you should get it repaired as soon as possible.

To Replace your roof:

6.Old age: having a roof that is over 20 years old is a clear sign to consider replacing it. Tile roofs usually last around 30 years but if yours has gone beyond that time frame then there may be some serious damage that has gone undetected. Also, living in Florida means in those 20 years your roof has gone through severe hurricane seasons which speed up the aging time frame. 

If you have roof repairs and maintenance done regularly the roof will not only last longer (if properly maintained) but it will also look better! 

  1. Curl and buckle: seeing these signs means it’s time for a new roof! Curled and buckled roofing means that there are leaks in your roof and some serious damage has occurred.
  2. Slope: Having a slope or low roof makes water run off of it much faster than normal causing not only more wear on your roof but also grass to grow very fast in areas around downspouts.

This can cause erosion, which will make your roof crack and leak. When you get a roofing contractor in Florida to repair or replace this roof they should also fix the slope of the roof for you!

Now that you understand all the silent warning signs you can keep your home safe, well cared for and beautiful with the help of professionals. If you encounter any of the 8 signs make sure to give us a call and we’ll guide you through it all. 

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