Is your home energy efficient

Solar panels use energy from the sun – and you don’t have to buy energy from the sun right? With rapidly increasing electricity prices, staying on the grid is only likely to fizzle out your savings.

Homes with residential solar panels installed on their roofs have a higher market value and are likely to find a buyer more quickly if put up for sale. Many home buyers now look for homes with pre-installed panels as it saves them the installation costs and other related costs and hassles.

Going solar helps you save on energy costs.

The fuel prices are getting higher and higher and there is little hope for the trend to change in the near future.

We offer

Let us help you understand how solar power can benefit you!

Our proposal will outline the product used, our contract terms and personal pricing for your home.

Our Property assessment includes a roof inspection to ensure that your property is ready for direct solar install.

Our solar professional will sit with you during the consultation to determine what will be the best design for the solar panels on you home with a visual aerial model.

We like to include permitting within our contracts to ensure and easy process for all our clients!

Once we receive approval from the city, we will schedule installation on the day most convenient for you!

All of our projects are installed as per city code. Once ready we will call for city inspectors to come out and ensure the job was completed correctly!

Once we have final approval we will assist the customer to call FPL to activate your Solar Panels with the FPL Net Metering Program as required.

If you want to recieve more information about our services.

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